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Welcome to baba overseas

The company specializes in the manufacturing of the premium genuine leather shoe. The company masters in the technicalities related to the shoes and have maintained its quality since 2003. We also manufacture Cemented Shoes, San Crispinos, Double Stitch Shoes, Hand Sewed Shoes. Other main strategy can be summarized as production from the best raw material, for best quality with very attractive prices on punctual supply terms. We believe in giving the best we can also produce for our customer's own design under their brand name. We are proud to distinguish our company with its very high quality production carried out by modern equipment and facility, long term experience in the market, fast delivery and service support and high capacity production capability to the customer. Thanks to our talented designers, our shoes have a leading role in the market. All of our products are manufactured in our own factory, which means we do not sell any other brands/goods which are not manufactured by us.

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